Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Denney Family {Utah County Family Photographer}

Kristy and I met at 24 hour fitness at a hip hop class. She was so fun but I almost felt as if I was hitting on her because girls just don't say to other girls they don't know, "hey you are new here and seem so fun, we should hang out!" Am I right or am I right? Anywho, she IS so fun and IS an awesome friend, so I am so glad we decided to take our friendship to that next level, and hang out, outside of the gym. :)

Kristy met Brett, her handsome hubby through my friend Traci, who happened to grow up with Brett.
They are a match made in heaven. She is a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL mother and wife, and he is an awesome and HANDSOME dad and hubby.
They have an ADORABLE little boy Owen, who I could just squeeze! 
Kristy, thank you for letting me take your pictures! I love you to pieces and hope you love them!

Ok I just HAD to add this one.  Does he not remind anyone else of a Lollipop Kid on The Wizard of OZ?!!

Work that camera Brett!!

Straight up HOTNESS!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Griffin Family {Utah County Family Photographer}

Megan and Dan make beautiful babies. I mean they are both beautiful people but their kids are to die for! Between the beautiful blue eyes and dimples, these little boys will be serious heart breakers one day! Megan thank you so much for letting me capture your boys at their finest! Your family is so dang cute and so much fun to be around! Hope you enjoy these memories for a lifetime!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneaky Peeky for Kristy

 Saturday morning bright and early I went to A.F....
aka a photographer's dream! SO many different places to take pics...
I mean a HUGE plethora. I was in heaven and the Denney's brought their A game!

Kristy you are GORGEOUS.  I mean honestly are you kidding me right now?
Kristy & Brett you are SO hot right now! & Owen is delicious!
So dang cute and he was such a good boy!
Hope you enjoy your sneak peek! LOVES!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bott Family {Utah County Family Photographer}

The Bott Family were BIG troopers this last Saturday!
To say it was FREEZING would be an understatement...But they were all so cherry and the kids were amazing. So well behaved and so sweet...I will have to ask Aubrey and Jeremy their secrets to success one day when it's not windy and frigid! I am so grateful that they let me take their family pics, they were so much fun to work with and a girl can only get better with experience right? Right :)