Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Denney Family {Utah County Family Photographer}

Kristy and I met at 24 hour fitness at a hip hop class. She was so fun but I almost felt as if I was hitting on her because girls just don't say to other girls they don't know, "hey you are new here and seem so fun, we should hang out!" Am I right or am I right? Anywho, she IS so fun and IS an awesome friend, so I am so glad we decided to take our friendship to that next level, and hang out, outside of the gym. :)

Kristy met Brett, her handsome hubby through my friend Traci, who happened to grow up with Brett.
They are a match made in heaven. She is a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL mother and wife, and he is an awesome and HANDSOME dad and hubby.
They have an ADORABLE little boy Owen, who I could just squeeze! 
Kristy, thank you for letting me take your pictures! I love you to pieces and hope you love them!

Ok I just HAD to add this one.  Does he not remind anyone else of a Lollipop Kid on The Wizard of OZ?!!

Work that camera Brett!!

Straight up HOTNESS!

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