Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Got Back

It's FRIDAY!!! And you know what that means! Fun Foto Friday!
I should probably apologize to my friend Traci. Girlfriend...I am sorry but I just had to. These pictures
are WAY too funny and I have such fun memories with you that I had to share! The world needs to know 
how awesomely funny we are! :)

Traci and I lived together basically through all of college. We were in the dorms freshman year together.
Then lived in a wicked sweet condo off campus for a few years.
This was Halloween.
Halloween is somewhat of an excuse for chicks in our area to get a little sleezy....
OK a LOT sleezy. I was never one of those girls that would put on lingerie (I pronounce this ling-ger-EE)
and angel wings and call it good. And luckily neither were my friends.
I went for the opposite affect. The "how many dirty/awesome looks can I get in one night for how ridiculous
I look" look... For those of you who know me, know I love to make people laugh
and I love to get a reaction out of people. I just wasn't willing to show my T & A to get that reaction.
I opted for (as did Traci) a different look. So we took a trip to the local thrift store and bought
us some pretty sweet dresses, along with some fabulous shoes.
We then stuffed our bras ( I stuffed WAY MORE that Traci did :)) and I stuffed some spandex to get a lusciously round caboose (although I already had quite a large rump...
I did still need to add some padding back there!). We put on a plethora of make-up 
and ratted our hair and put in a few curlers and we were set to go!

I have to say we got so many funny looks, laughs and just down right stares that night it was AMAZING.
I have never laughed so hard or had so much fun. That night will forever be one of my favorite
memories from college. It was good clean fun that I will never forget. We didn't need
booze to have a good time, nor did we sleeze ourselves up to get attention and I loved
every minute of it! Maybe we didn't hook-up with Mr. I'm too sexy for my shirt that night,
but dang-it did we have fun! 

Traci ---- You are so hot right now!

Eat your Heart Out!!


  1. OH. MY. WORD! is right!!!! I honestly can't stop laughing :D Who needs lingerie and angel wings when you've got back?!

  2. :) This is how we do! I think you should have posted the one with Kip too~ Classy!