Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

I have so many fun/funny photos (now that I think about it, most are all accompanied with an embarrassing story) so I thought I would share some of them..and why not on Friday when we could all use a little laughter by this time of the week right?! Fabulous. And Fun Foto Friday begins.....

To set the scene with these pictures...they themselves are not the funny part...but the funny story that accompanies them is...Brady thought he was HILARIOUS...I on the other hand DID NOT!

Michael was out of town for the weekend. I was a single mom for the weekend (which is crazy hard
but that is a post all of it's own). I knew our basic routine with B$ for Friday nights and the weekend
basically was free for us to do what we wanted. Just me and my little man. Friday night was a piece
of cake. I left work, picked up the babe at daycare and we went home for a fun night
just mommy and Brady! We played, read books, ate lots of food, took a nice hot bath, and went
to bed at 8.  I actually got in bed after I put him down, watched some TV and then most likely
fell asleep around 9 which was LOVELY!

So far so good right? So Saturday came and went pretty fast.  Brady jumped in his bouncer most
of the morning while I cleaned up the downstairs a bit. We then watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
together which B$ LOVES...and I love watching him bounce up and down when the "Hot Dog" dance
comes on...quite the funny scene!

Ok ok I am being a little wordy right now. Fats forward to Saturday night. I fed B$ just like usual.
After I feed him we go straight up to the bath, then I give him a bottle and down he goes for the night.

So here we are LOVING our sweet potatoes for the night....

Then it's straight upstairs to the bath....

We have THE coolest ducky tub that makes bath time so much fun for B.
But this is where the story takes a turn for the worst. 
Here I am single mom for a weekend. Bathing my kiddo and trying to take some fun
pictures because he always enjoys his tub so much.
As I am taking pictures...after I few I look and it looks like the water is a little murky...
Put the camera down check out the tub but don't see any "floaties" so I take a few more.
But the water now just looks NASTY.
Brady has never pooped in the tub before so I was so confused but that's the only thing
I could think that it was! But was I suppose to do?
I didn't have Michael to come help me and hold Brady if for some reason
I had to scoop things out of the tub. What are you suppose to do with a soaking wet child
while you also need to clean out a tub?
Well folks, it was FOR SURE POOP...and not only poop but like the biggest one I had seen
in a long time. I was for the most part in one big lump BUT STUCK to the bottom of the tub.
So for this next part, I either get Mom of the Month, or Stupid Mom of the Month....
I, with Brady is one arm, drained the tub and scooped poop out of the tub bare hand...
ya that's right.. I did it. Don't judge me.
I honestly still don't know why I did that but I really didn't want to put him down on the dirty floor,
and didn't have extra arms to pass him off to. So I bucked up and did work.
The best part of the story is that while I was scooping out poop, I was talking to Brady.
"Brady, you sicko...who poops in the tub?!"
"You think you are soo funny don't you"
And you know what? He did. He couldn't stop laughing. He thought he was friggin' hilarious.
All I have to say is payback is imminent and always so much worse! :)

Ok now that I have talked your ear off... HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. I love it...Fun Foto Friday is perfect!! B$'s tub is so cute. Owen has yet to poop in the tub...i fear the day!

  2. FUNNY! I won't admit to doing something similar, but I won't deny it either:)!!!!