Friday, February 25, 2011

Divertimento Foto Venerdi (Fun Foto Friday)

This week's Fun Foto Friday is in Italian....
What seems like forever ago, I was able to go to Italy for almost 2 weeks with the BYU soccer team.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to play in any games because a few months prior I tore all the ligaments in my
knee. Actually I pretty much ruptured them. Anywho, I was still super grateful for the opportunity
to travel and see such an amazing place! Italy was CRAZY cool, and I want so badly to go back with my family.
I loved all the history and all the architecture there. Seeing so many cathedrals was amazing and I'm not even Catholic! I had 2 amazing roommates while in Italy, Ali (UH with the JUNK!) and roachy roach coach!
There was never a dull moment with these 2 and memories I will always cherish!

These are 2 of my favorite photos from the trip...

This is from the bell tower in Venice. Venice was one of the coolest cities we went to.
This is where you see famous scenes in movies with all those pigeons...
I didn't dare run through them...filthy!
But anywho...I just LOVED the view from up there!

This was a fun little place called...Bellagio, Italy.
We were in Lake Como, Italy and took a little boat ride to get here.
There were so many cool steps and ally ways here and so many cute lil' shops.
Oh and I just so happened to see my BROTHER here!
Um, what? Ya that's right.
He traveled to Germany around the same time we went to Italy.
Apparently you can get here by going through Switzerland as well.
So there I was on the other side of the globe and what do I hear?
A large man screaming "Brookie" to get my attention.
CRAZY! But quite the memory!

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