Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Boy and HIs Wagon {Utah County Child Photographer}

BrookeB Photo Boot Camp has commenced. This is definitely a new experience for me. 
I am used to working out and getting in shape physically, between playing soccer, running track, gymnastics and being a Junior Lifeguard in the summers in Ca, I have always been in "shape". After playing soccer at BYU came a new kind of "in shape". I no longer had to be able to play for 90 minutes straight. So the time in the gym changed. It no longer became about sprints but about toning my body to the way I wanted it to look. I also had to change my diet BIG TIME. I no longer could eat anything and everything because I would just burn it off later.  There was no later unless I wanted to spend 3 hours in the gym. No thank you!
Anywho, without me rambling on this is a new kind of "in shape" for me. I am working on my exposures,
working on finding the best lighting, but also working on making the not so yummy lighting work.
I know that I will not always have the best shooting scenarios, and I need to feel like I can shoot in anything.
Yesterday I went outside and  did some shoots in broad open sunlight. The sun was still a little high, but Brady
was gettin' a little cranky so it was now or never! So we went on the side of our house and took a few
clicks of the camera and I tried to adjust exposure the best I could. 
It is amazing to me how much the exposure can affect the white balance (skin tone) in a picture.
I will be working on this as well! Like I said....Boot Camp has commenced.
Here are the results from yesterday....

I mean look at this face!!!

He has this thing with sticking his tongue out lately...

And there it is again!!

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