Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Foto Friday

Guess what day it is!!!??? Fun Foto Friday!! I somewhat dread/really look forward to this day each week.  We have a love hate relationship really.  On one hand it's FRIDAY!! YAY! But on the other, it's letting the general public on a not so secret confession.....I am a total nerd. I make funny faces. I take crazy self-portraits and now I am posting those less than beautiful pictures for everyone to enjoy! But you know what? I actually love it.
Some of my fondest memories I have taken the craziest pictures. Each picture that I am doing something 
less than flattering has a story behind it, so I can see that picture anywhere and remember exactly where I was or
what I was feeling. That's what I love about photography. It has a way to capture emotion in an instant.

Take these photos for instance....
Our roommate and friend Jamie had just been married in the SLC temple
and we were a little excited her based off of these cheesy grins on our faces....perhaps?

Not quite sure what look we were going for here BUT I do feel bad now for the photographer
trying to take one giant group shot of everyone on the steps of the temple, meanwhile
2 idiots are in the back somewhere making ridiculous faces.
So to Jamie, I am sorry if you got any crazy group shots with these two faces in there!
We love you! <3
Thank you for allowing me to post all these ridiculous faces. I honestly don't have a single one 
without you in them! We make me laugh! :) We are awesome!

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  1. Agreed. we are funny! :) love all our fun memories. can't wait to see the gems you dust off for next week!